“Guria” a unique tale of two girls adorned in opulent attire, poised as mere showpieces for the audience. It pays homage to all brides whose freedom and joy have been constrained by societal expectations. The unique aspect of this campaign lies in its juxtaposition. While the creators aimed to showcase the clothing line, the big idea unveiled the poignant truth of restrictive traditions, shedding light on the need for change and avoiding such atrocities.

We see the bride, clad in the richest outfits, donning the most exquisite jewelry, but the day not belonging to her rather the ornaments she wears and the dress she carries. After all, it’s the clothes that come to the wedding, the one real protagonist, admired, talked about and photographed by all. Every bride is unique; every bride has an identity, a personality of her own. We as a society have adopted this habit of asking who the bride is wearing or where she got ready from, our compliments are about how she looks pretty in that dress and makeup, shifting the focus from the bride herself.