About me

Hello there! I'm Bushra Sultan, an incredibly passionate filmmaker who has dreamt about pursuing filmmaking, ever since I was a child. In 2020, I graduated with distinction from the National College of Arts- NCA. While the world seemed to pause due to the pandemic, my spirit remained unbreakable and I shfited gears in my career by transitioning from filmmaking to Creative Direction, Conceptual Art, and Production Design.

My esteemed portfolio consists of 17 captivating short films and one enticing feature film shot in Turkey with a handful of crew. I take pride in producing avant garde and surreal campaigns, which mesmerize the audience with their simplicity and creativity.

My campaigns are different in every essence of the word because they challenge norms, celebrate uniqueness, and ignite meaningful conversations. I'm extremely humbled to share my expertise in set design and creative thinking as a former instructor at BNU. I regularly deliver creative seminars in universities as well as underprivileged schools. Fueled by my hunger to achieve, I hope to feast starving eyes and win hearts with my creativity.

Email: info@bushrasultan.com
Instagram: @iambushrasultan